Page 5 - Cyber Catalog
P. 5

Suppose your products changed
         after you distributed your printed
        catalogs. The remaining catalogs
        will be rubbish. The catalogs, you
                 send will be invalid.

       You will need to reprint and resend
              it to all your customers.

         The printed catalogs, which you
          print and send with a thousand
       labor and expenses, are stacked in
               your customer's office.

       They can't find it when they want to
        order you, it is often thrown away.

                                               The Cyber ​​Catalog is always

                                               Your cyber catalog is renewed
                                                 remotely, people who have
                                            previously been linked will see your
                                                        current catalog.

                                            The Cyber ​​Catalog is always with
                                                        your customer.

                                                 The cyber catalog is not lost
                                               because it stays on the mobile
                                              phone. They can open and look
                                            again whenever and wherever they
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